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 Oakland Center programs

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Kids First Theatre Initiative


Kids First is the area’s fastest growing, EDUCATIONALLY based, theater programs in Northeast Ohio. The organization began with a modest $5000 grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Kids First Theatre Initiative engages and inspires kids to find their inner creative potential and how to build a character while on stage. Through the many different productions we showcase, the story is different, giving them a chance to connect with a different character.   It is a joy to see these kids grow by leaps and bounds over time! We believe theatre can truly help with many issues of self- esteem, feeling connected with peers, but showing off their love of acting for audiences in the Youngstown and Boardman area is what makes them happiest!  We produce full Broadway productions,to drama stories.

We offer a 3 week intensive summer theatrical camp, CAMP SHOWBIZ is a 2 week daytime camp where we teach children to young adults acting techniques, staging a scene, along with an array of other skills while they spend time with us, and we also feed the kids continental breakfast and lunch each day, Many parents volunteer their time and talents to assist with needed tasks and helps add to the feeling of being an extended family. We started with only 16 Students, we are now averaging 50-75 per show. 

Youngstown, Ohio children benefit most from our programs!
Youngstown, Ohio benefit the most from our programs!
Youngstown, Ohio benefit the most from our programs!

The Acorn Project


A program specifically designed towards area High School students.  They have created their own Youth Board, and are led by our Artistic Director.

For each show they will choose from within their ranks an Assistant Director, Set Designer and builders, costumes, lighting, sound design, fundraising, publicity, all overseen by an adult, and are tested at the end of each production to see what they have learned.

There is not another program quite like this in the state of Ohio, where the kids who take on a position receive not only the education but receive a stipend for their work.  Beginning in June 2019 we will give away our first scholarship to a graduating senior that is involved in our program.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Players


Peanut Butter and Jelly Players


City Film School at the Oakland


Learn video production and many other videographer techniques.


  • Screenwriting
  • Pre Production
  • Lighting
  • Audio Production
  • Cinematography
  • Special Effects
  • Editing & Delivery

Oakland Center for the Arts introduces a new educational program for young, aspiring filmmakers.

Instructor will guide participants through classes and exercises designed to teach core film making skills.

After learning professional production techniques, participants will explore and demonstrate these skill together by producing their own short film.

The Art of Storytelling

Screenwriting and acting help develop crucial language and communication skills that build confidence and promote creative expression.

Film Production is a team effort. Working together, participants will learn the importance of cooperation and strong leadership skills.

Film is the ultimate storytelling medium. Most of the inflammation we receive today is delivered by video, watching and creating films can ignite a passion for reading and writing.


Our Hours

Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm

10am - 3pm