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Brendan Byers visits the Austintown Rotary Club
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Brendan Byers, Executive Director and Vice President of the Oakland Center for the Arts, and founder of "Kids First Theater Initiative" presented information about the resurrection of the Oakland and its expansion into children and youth productions. 

Comedy of Errorz production has been postponed.
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Mahoning Valley Players and Director, Michael Dempsey has had to postpone the production of Comedy of Errorz to a future date.  He has a family member who has passed. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with him at this time.  We will hold the show, still free to the public, in the near future.

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The Oakland Center is finalizing their 2019/2020 Season Production Schedule!

We hope our latest lineup of theatrical productions and musicals will get your interest to participate and/or attend a show with us.  We have worked hard with all of the kids on each production this year, and we are excited that more area premieres will be coming to the Oakland Center for 2019 and 2020 season. 

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Families are welcome to attend. We are offering a fun production to 9 area Libraries around Youngstown


The Oakland Center for the Arts Kids' First Theater Incentive will present the beloved Grimm Brothers' tale, “Rumpelstiltskin,” adapted and directed by Patricia Fagan. Audience members will help the actors bring the rollicking story to a "happily ever after” ending. For the entire family.

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