Volunteer and Sponsor for the Oakland Center theatre

Our Goals are simple

Educating individuals in Youngstown:
Giving back to kids, teenagers and adults with alternatives that bring
out creativity within themselves, and learning many new life skills
along the way!

  • Raise kids confidence level.
  • Educate in all aspects of the Performing & Theatrical Arts.
  • Allow kids to help make decisions and suggestions on each
    Show and help with Character Development.
  • Continue to grow the organization for the Youngstown and
    neighboring areas within our Community.
  • Ensure they all have fun performing and giving back to the



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We have some Goals


We have projected our costs for the 2018-19 seasons productions.  To ensure we can to
produce the best kids shows, we have a yearly goal of $70,000. We encourage business
leaders and owners to please contact with any questions you might have. 

Together along with people within our community, we can show what impact we can have
on individuals creative skills.


Volunteer with us!

So you have a passion for theater, performing,
giving back, or using your skills to help?
We have several areas in which we could use
some extra help.  We sure would love to hear
your story and why you want to volunteer some
time to the Oakland Center for the Arts. 
Since it first started in 1982, the Oakland has
brought theater enthusiasts to volunteer and
be a part of the amazing things happening.


Advertise Locally

Advertise your Business with us!

The Oakland have a great Color printed programs for all of our shows! There are many choices and levels you can add your message, advertisement, congratulations, or kudos to the kids of the Oakland enter and KFTI.

Click Here for details and form.



Community & Corporate Donations

We rely on generous businesses and individuals to help us offset the costs of our productions. We encourage your business in becoming a sponsor for the Oakland Center for the Arts. Your dollars go to a program which inspires children, teaches valuable skills, promoting teamwork, and a passion for the Performing Arts in the Youngstown area.We would like to speak with you with any questions you might have regarding our organization, our methodology, or other aspects feel free to contact us via Phone or Email.

2019 Season Guide

Find all of our materials for downloading.
We would appreciate you using our PDF
documents. A great resource of information!



Nurture Artists

Many successful actors, directors, writers, and choreographers have launched their careers from the Oakland, and also in
other humble, small town playhouses.

HEART the Spotlight!

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Our Hours

Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm

10am - 3pm