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Your support helps these kids and adults show their creativity, passion, and musicality.

I can't imagine  NOT doing this in my lfe!

We thank you for your interest in The Oakland Center for the Arts. All of the forms necessary to contact us, pledge an advertisement in our program, and even make a donation in kind, or even a problem with our website. We want your experience to be easy and fun.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the Oakland Center Programs and Shows.

We are all working to encourage, educate, and propel all of the kids to a new level of confidence.

If you are in need of assistance using the website, if a function is not working correctly, please send an email to Webmaster with your issue. * Please note which page the issue is on, and a description of the issue.


Does your kid mope around?

Do you feel...

unmotivated, unimpressed, bored?

READ:  How to get Kids interested in Theater
And why.

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Be a Storyteller!

Plays are an ancient form of storytelling. It is a creative ritual still very much alive despite the age of Youtube. Come tell your story through a character you portray.

Share your Skills

Community theaters need more than just cast members. Anyone that can sew a costume, paint a backdrop, build a staircase, or edit a sound effect is a desirable addition to the company.

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