For RSVP's:

Please call us at 330-406-0606 and speak with an Oakland representative, or leave a message of the show of interest, the date for attending, # of under 4, students, or adult/seniors tickets you will be in need of.  Leave your full name and phone number, if leaving a message.

The OAKLAND Center needs the communities help

We are in need of your support at this critical time. Would you consider a donation of any kind to keep youth in positive extracurricular activities?
  1. Last year we produced nine productions Including the area premiere of Frozen Jr.
  2. Support our AU Stars program. We’ve become the leader in the area working with autistic kids and theater. Many of our kids fall on the Autism spectrum. These kids have had leads in our programs proving that they will not allow this to stand in their way, and have made the lives of other kids in our program much richer.
  3. We were able to provide a $1500 scholarship Direct funding to a graduating high school senior From our Acorn Project program to YSU.
  4. Our senior program, Gray Matters continues to add education and performance experience for seniors in our community.
  5. Magic Carpet theater took theater into libraries all over the area. We provide free theater and entertainment to enhance their programming.
 The Oakland is standing out as a community theater where including all those who are interested to learn, live, and breathe LIVE THEATRE!
The staff is still looking at options to reopen for the rest of 2020.  The safety of all of our participants is of the utmost importance!
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Does your kid mope around?

Do you feel...

unmotivated, unimpressed, bored?

READ:  How to get Kids interested in Theater
And why.

I would like to participate!

I want to ACT!

- How can I begin acting?
- What can I expect?
- When can I begin?


Be a Storyteller!

Plays are an ancient form of storytelling. It is a creative ritual still very much alive despite the age of Youtube. Come tell your story through a character you portray.

Share your Skills

Community theaters need more than just cast members. Anyone that can sew a costume, paint a backdrop, build a staircase, or edit a sound effect is a desirable addition to the company.

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